The Best Storefront Awnings Designs Practices

The Best Storefront Awnings Designs Practices

Storefront awnings are covered extensions of a store hung over the doors, windows, or entire shop building. They are used in shielding humans and displayed items from sun, rain, wind, snow, heat, and hail. They also serve as a form of decoration as it beautifies the front of the store.

There are different storefront awnings designs as the awnings are made of other materials, styles, and shapes. Some outdoor awning designs are customised using the brand designs of the store or business. A beautiful exterior awning designed to complement a beautifully designed interior can increase the aesthetics of a store.

Different types of materials used in making beautiful storefront awnings include vinyl, polyester vinyl composite, fibreglass, acrylic, canvas, and aluminium.

Benefit of Creative Storefront Awnings

Humans are visual beings. Hence, we are attracted to whatever appeals to our sight. In every artwork, creativity is the special ingredient that spice up the design. A well crafted commercial awning is highly beneficial to a business as it can be used as a form of brand strategy. Its benefits include:

• Beautifies the exterior of a store
• Serve as shade for customers from weather element like rain, wind, sun, heat, etc
• Increases brand visibility
• Strengthens the presence of your brand or business within and around your vicinity
• Serve as an outdoor sitting space for customers
• Provides comfort for your customers
• Increase customer patronage
• Gives the store s professional and exciting look

Most Popular Types Of Storefront Awnings

A commercial awning is a form of storefront awnings. Awnings for storefronts come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Concave, dome, slope truss, convex, patio canopy, dome elongated, roof and truss, round marquee, and traditional are some of the different shapes available.

The different types of storefront awnings designs depend on the user’s need. Eight most popular storefront awnings include:

1. Backlit Storefront Awnings: Here, signs and graphics on the storefront awnings are illuminated using a light source behind them.

2. Retractable Awning: These are adjustable extensions. During certain harsh weather conditions, retractable awnings are adjusted to protect them.

3. Entrance Way Canopy. These are canopies mounted at the entrance of a store or commercial building to give shade to customers.

4. Cooley Awning. Here, a vinyl-coated polyester material known as Cooley-brite with an excellent translucency feature on any backlit sign used.

5. Window Awning: This is a hangover on the window of a store or café that shades the window from light reflection.

6. Standalone Awning: These are awnings that are not attached to a building. They stand alone and can be left for a long time. They are used mainly to shade a large area of the compound.

7. Inside Awning: These are awnings used inside a store, supermarket, or shopping mall to advertise or show direction.

8. Vestibule: Also known as a lobby, a vestibule is the entrance hall of a commercial building. Usually, glass awnings are used here.

Storefront Awning Designs Trend In New York City

New York City, often referred to as the most fantastic city in the world or the “big apple”, is known for being colourful, having outstanding art decorations, music venues, theatres, beautiful sceneries, and bubbling nightlife. Hence, every business or company wants to align with such a record.

Awning designs trending for storefronts in New York City includes entrance awnings, inside awnings, retractable awnings, Cooley awnings, and backlit design awnings.

Exterior Storefront Red Awnings

Colours have been observed to have a psychological link to the appeal of people. If you walk through the streets of New York City, you will notice that most storefronts are decorated with exterior red awnings especially, restaurants or food stores. According to psychology, red connotes excitement. Since New York City is a bubbling city, red which is known for attraction and excitement, is often in use.

Victorian Storefront Awnings

Victorian storefront awnings are handcrafted awnings made by craftsmen of the Victoria Awning company. The company is credited for being the first commercial company in the United Kingdom to have stood the test of time and progressed with global trends. The quality of their materials is top-notch, and their designs unique. The company is known for making awning designs for a shop, café, restaurant, pub, and bar awnings. It made use of the glass-blowing technique to make glass awning designs. The current Victorian storefront awning is an advanced replica of the original Victorian Awning company; it models the original design.

Modern Storefront Awnings

Modern storefront awning started to come in place from the 20th century. Before the revamping of storefront awnings, timber, canvas fabrics, and iron cast were used to make storefront designs. However, as industrialisation came, other materials such as vinyl, acrylic, polyester fabrics, and so on were produced and used to make exterior designs of business buildings and stores. Modern days materials are more durable, and they last longer.

Apart from the red awnings rampantly used by restaurants and café, black modern storefront awning designs with writing on them are also used to give off a classic look.  Also, most modern storefront awnings are now operable using a remote control.

1940s Storefront Awnings

This highlights the history of awnings before the evolution of modern storefront designs. Before the 19th century, the Romans used woven mats to shade their displayed items and storefronts from extreme weather conditions. Storefront awnings designs in the nineteenth century include fixed-arm awnings, folding-arm awnings, scissors-type awning, and lateral arm awning. Most of these designs operated using either a static spring or a flexible spring; the springs were used in holding the canvas fabrics in place. With time, these awning designs started to gain recognition across America as customers began to applaud them.

 If you are looking towards changing the look of your store, you should consider working on your storefront awning. Employ the services of awning companies to give you a well-styled and suitable design.